Monday, August 1, 2011

Seeing Red

Kenneth Cole Reaction Wicked Rich in Red.
Image via Project Wedding

Red shoes, that is! It's no secret that I'm in love with the color red. I have had two red bedrooms, countless bags, clothing and accessories. The color scheme for my wedding is red and gold. So, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I want red wedding shoes. Desire might be a more appropriate word. It never crossed my mind to wear the traditional white shoes. White is fine, but I'll likely never wear the color again. Red shoes on the other hand can spice up a black cocktail dress or jeans. So a cursory Google search returned images like the one above and these:

 Manolo Blahniks. Carrie Bradshaw would be proud!
Image via

Ouch! Christian Louboutins
Image via

Gorgeous, yet sky high shoes. Realistically, I won't be able to wear any of them. Not just for the fact that I can't afford them (although that's a big reason), but I'm kind of a giant already. I tower over most of my family and friends at 5'9". OK, I suspect that I'm a bit taller than that these days, but I'm afraid to measure myself. In a pair of 3 inch heels, I'm  closer to 6 feet than I am to 5'11. Luckily, Mr. Warbs is about 6'4", so my height isn't usually a factor. But, on the day of my wedding, I want to look beautiful, feminine and NOT like the Jolly Green Giant.

Hello, up there!

While perusing my favorite wedding blog, Weddingbee, I saw a post about Kate Spade shoes. They sell high end shoes catered to weddings, at a fraction of Blahnik and Louboutin prices. If you've never heard of Kate Spade before, please take a minute to peruse the website. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Kate Spade Charm Also available in Platinum, Silver and Navy Blue!

Amazing, right?! It was then that I decided my wedding shoes would definitely be Kate Spade shoes. But after a closer look at the website, I discovered that it was seriously lacking in kick ass red shoes. The Charm shoes are awesome, but not awesome enough to throw me off my red shoe mission. So I went back to Google, wedding sites and scoured the globe for similar styles in red. I found a whole bunch, but I was two or three years too late as they were all discontinued. Every time I excitedly clicked on a search result, I was forwarded to the sad face at Zappos, saying my item was no longer available. I would have loved to rock the Nina Koras, but couldn't find them anywhere. Sad face.

Nina Kora, discontinued

Nine West Jojus, no longer available in red
Image via Overstock

Stuart Weitzman Pomposo, no longer available in red
Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

I was able to find a few styles not yet banished to shoe-blivion.

Nina Forbes
Image via Endless

Vigotti Metis
Image via Zappos

 Stuart Weitzman Turalu
Image via Zappos

I was pretty bummed that they weren't more options out there. I'm not sure if red is a seasonal shoe color or not, but they're pretty hard to find in low heel, non feather styles. Maybe more options will become available around the holidays. But for now, the Forbes and Turalus are the two contenders. Out of the two, which one is your favorite? Are there any other red shoe (or colored shoe) brides out there?


  1. I got mine at 6pm for the lowest price I could find!! You can search the site by color! Oh, and the first pair I tried were from (which has a FREE return/exchange policy)!!! If the shoe doesn't fit they pay for you to send it back- pretty sweet deal!!


    Check it out!! :)

  3. Thanks Heidi, that site had a lot of good options. I was eyeing the Me Too slingbacks, but they only have a size 5 1/2 :( And they're discontinued on the Me Too site. Sigh.

  4. yea you'll find them, just give it time. I'm sure around the holiday's you'll have an easier time. good luck!