Friday, August 12, 2011

Business Cards

I've been a bad bride blogger. Our business cards arrived a while ago. I've been meaning to show them, but haven't gotten around to it. What with my recent dress purchase and shoe crusade, I figured lousy business cards could wait! But now that I've sent out our Save the Dates (yay!) I might as well show you the business cards.

It broke my heart to include the blurring!

After we assembled the STDs last month it dawned on me that I had forgotten to include our wedding website on them. D'oh! If eager guests (wishful thinking?) wanted to check out our website ahead of the invitations I certainly wanted to make it available for them. While I was kicking myself for such a major oversight, I also saw an opportunity to order business cards. I loved the idea of telling future vendors, "Here's our card." Swanky.

Luckily, Vistaprint was having a free business card special for a few designs. With shipping and handling, I ended up spending about 6 bucks. $6 for 250 business cards? Deal! I found a design I liked, ordered it and five LONG days later they arrived! I could have gone with a fancier design, but I liked how simple and clean these looked. After tucking them next to the STDs, I was finally ready to seal the envelopes and get them OUT of here.

Up next, my stamp snafu...

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