Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday, I'm in Love!

Today, Mr. Warbs is gonna have to move over for my newest love! What, do you ask has stolen me away from him? Jewelry, duh!

While perusing the Hive, I saw Mrs. Penguin post about a new fashion website, Dress Rush. It's targeted at brides and offers up daily sales in a similar fashion to Groupon. They'll be offering gorgeous wedding dresses, veils and accessories at discounted rates. Swoon! I swooped in on the first day which featured the fantastic jewelry designer, Tejani Jewelry. Almost since the minute I bought my gown, Mother-in-Law Warbler has been asking about what jewelry I want to wear. I initially thought I wanted simple pearl stud earrings and I'd wear my tennis bracelet.

But after checking out Tejani Jewelry, I have to admit that I've had a change of heart. But can you blame me? Just look at all the pretty!

Chandelier Statement Earrings
Image via Tejani Jewelry

Classic Drop Earrings
Image via Tejani Jewelry

All of the pearl earrings I've seen haven't really sparked my interest. I didn't think I would gravitate towards dramatic jewelry, but I love the way it looks! I am worried that my poor earlobes might be aching by the end of the night though. That is some serious bling!

I did find these these pearl stud earrings that I really like:

But, my eyes keep going back to those drop earrings above. The second pair are my favorite and they were on sale on Dress Rush! I'm extremely tempted to get those babies, but I'm not 100% sold yet. I want to play up my dress, but I don't want my earrings to overshadow it. I very rarely wear stud earrings, but maybe simplicity would work best in this case?

Also, what a lovely bracelet. It would go together well with the drop earrings, don't you think? Hmmm...


  1. I freaking love all of those mel!

  2. I love them too! Too bad I waited too long to buy them, the sale is already over :( The earrings were 30% off! Sigh.