Monday, May 7, 2012

Surprise Gift

Weddings are strange. They're all about parties and gifts. Sure, it's really about two people pledging to be together forever, but technically that part only takes up about an hour of wedding time. During my bridal shower, BM Tata said it was a party to celebrate another party. So true!

When it came to gifts, I was baffled at the amount of gift giving actually involved in weddings. Engagement gifts, bridal shower gifts, wedding gifts, gifts for the bridal party, gifts for parents and even gifts for each other. That's a crazy amount of gift giving if you ask me!

Originally Mr. Warbs and I weren't going to get each other gifts. Partly because we didn't think it was necessary and also because we don't make buying gifts for each other easy. Mr. Warbs is the worst person ever to shop for. He has two watches that he won't wear. He scoffs at "superfluous" gifts such as cuff links, because he feels he'll never wear them again. And he won't give you a single hint as to what he actually wants or needs. In short, you have to literally be a mind reader in order to get him presents. So when he said we didn't need to exchange gifts, I was so relieved! But, the sneaky guy ended up getting me a gift anyway! Technically it was a gift for the both of us. We ended up getting a photobooth after all!

Originally we decided that a photobooth wasn't in our budget, but thanks to an unexpected bonus, Mr. Warbs decided that it was doable. So when our florist announced on Facebook that she had just bought a brand new photo/video booth (Mr. Warbs loves shiny new things) we jumped on it.

 Some of the tamer photos!

The photobooth was an absolute hit! And our lovely florist gave us a good deal. Our guests spent the half of the night on the dance floor and the other half in the photobooth. I really wish I could share the videos with you Hive, but I must protect the reputation of my drunk drunk guests. Even though I'm sure we would have had a great time either way, the photobooth definitely added a layer of awesomeness to the wedding. Best present ever Mr. Warbs! In no way does it compare to the luggage I bought you. Whoops!

Did you receive any unexpected wedding gifts?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Biggest Lie

Seven months ago, I bought my wedding dress and didn't show you guys any photos because Mr. Warbs reads my blog religiously (like a good husband). It was really important to me to keep the dress a secret from him, and I'm not good at keeping secrets or lying. I can't even tell little white lies usually. I'm the worst because I either admit it right away or over complicate simple things. Whenever I tell a lie, it usually goes something like this:

Mr. Warbs: So, did you eat the lunch I made you?
Me: Um...yeah. I did.
Mr. Warbs: Did you like it?
Me: OK, I went to Curry House instead. I'm sorry.
Mr. Warbs: Why did you lie? And why did you admit it right away?
Me: I don't know. Sorry. I felt guilty. Sorry.
Mr. Warbs: It's OK. I knew you were lying. You're terrible at it.
Me: I know.

So after I bought my dress, I vowed to keep it a secret from Mr. Warbs until the wedding. The best thing I could think of was to keep the dress out of our apartment. However, the dress didn't need any alterations (because it was obviously perfect and meant to be) so I was able to leave David's Bridal with it. MIL Warbler offered to keep it at her house, but I was afraid that it would be the first place Mr. Warbs would look. And I kinda didn't want the dress out of my possession. I loved it so much!

That's when I came up with the kind of stupid-at-the-the-moment lie that I usually end up blowing. I decided to tell Mr. Warbs that the dress was still at the shop and really hide it in our apartment. And you guys, I pulled it off! After lunch, MIL Warbler and I snuck the dress upstairs and stuffed it in the back of my closet. I know that doesn't sound like a very secure place, but there's so much crap in our closet, I knew Mr. Warbs would never notice it. And he didn't. After a week, I told him that I picked up the dress and BM E was holding it for me. It was the only lie I think I've ever successfully kept up. Several times, I thought I had given myself away, but Mr. Warbs later said he had no idea. Woo hoo!

Looooonnng story short, here are the photos I couldn't show you from my first dress post. Introducing my tulle Oleg Cassini dress from David's bridal. Or as I affectionately call her, Olga.

 I loved my veil!

Me and the lady who found the dress, BM Tata!

Sneak peek of my walk down the aisle
Guest photo

Did you keep your dress a secret from your partner?

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