Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dance Songs

Alternative title: Eighth Grade Sway Songs In typical warbler fashion, I've flip flopped about a bijillion times over our choice for first dance songs. The problem is I keep running into the problem of expectations vs reality. Like when your friend tells you about this amazing restaurant that you just have to try. When you go, your expectation is that the food will be really really ridiculously good, but often the reality is that it's just OK. Nothing to write home about. Well for me, I hear a great song and I get all excited because I think this song is so "us". Well, could be us, will be us. But then I listen to it again and I think "pssh, this is so not us". After expectation vs reality overdose, I narrowed our choices down to a few choices.

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From day one, I was convinced this would be our song. The lyrics are soulful, realistic and most importantly I freaking love John Legend. But, I think I love the song way more than Mr. Warbs does, which doesn't really make it feel like it's our song.

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Even though this song is a little outdated, it has more meaning for us. Mr. Warbs, the biggest goof you will ever meet, actually thought the song was called Atlanta. When he told me, I laughed hysterically and now he refuses to acknowledge his mistake. Every time we hear this song, he purposely makes up funny lyrics to get me to laugh again. I can definitely see him whispering silly lyrics into my ear on our wedding day. And that image kind of makes my heart melt.

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Every since I heard this song, I fell in love with it. It completely reminded me of Mr. Warbs and when I played it for him, I was sad to find out that he actually found it annoying. I suffered some serious expectations vs reality sadness that day. How can you not love this song? It's so fun! Even though it won't be our first dance song, I still make Mr. Warbs dance around with me while it's playing every now and then. To TORTURE him.

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Ah, Coldplay. Pretty much any song by this band would be perfect to play for a first dance song. This is actually one of the few songs that Mr. Warbs said that he really liked. Any song that my man takes note of is definitely up for consideration. Of course, this is always going to remind me of Wedding Crashers.

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This song is on the list just because when I was a kid, my parents would slow dance to this song all the time. Every time I heart it, I'm reminded of them. After looking up the song though, I found out that it is way too long. Six minutes dancing to this super super slow song? Not happening. I might play it later on in the night for my mom though.

What do you think of my choices? What song are you using for your first dance as man and wife?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Favors: Double Word & Triple Letter Score

When it came to our favors, I struggled with my nerdy choices. The problem was, I wanted to give favors that people would actually get use out of and not stuff away on a bookshelf or in a drawer never to be seen again. Somewhere along the inter webs, I came across the most amazing nerdy and semi-practical idea ever: Scrabble coasters.

I found a few tutorials online and wouldn't you know it, they looked pretty do-able. Perfect for small weddings like mine and even gifts. Sold! The best part is coming up with the words. If you're nerdy like me.

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The last example could serve double duty as a favor and a place card. Even though we decided not to go this route, I still thought it was a blog worthy. Our favors will be similar to the first pic, with a little Warbler twist. What do you think of this idea? Has anyone tried to make them?