Monday, August 29, 2011

Sing It Out Loud: I'm a Bee!

First of all, eeeeek eeeek! Second, let me just say that it is such an honor to be among all of the amazing women I have admired for almost a year now. Oh man, I cannot wait to share my wedding with the Hive! So why did I choose Miss Warbler for my character? Well, it was tough, all of the other ones are so cute! I seriously considered the Doe because of the abundance of Harry Potter references I could have pulled from. I'm looking at you, Miss Magic! In the end I chose my character because I have a musical name. And no, it's not treble clef.

*All photos are personal

So, who the heck are the Warblers?

We're tall. Mr. Warbs is 6'4 and I'm 5'9. I'm wearing heels here so I look taller than I actually am. The person taking this photo is a shrimp, the Warblers fit comfortably under door frames.

We're silly. Mr. Warbs will do pretty much anything to get a laugh. Including a Harry Potter impersonation that consists of glasses, a fake wand, a towel and a "phew, phew!" incantation. Hive, I love this man.

We're lucky! Before we even got engaged, Mr. Warbs won a trip to Hawaii though his job! He just entered a raffle once and won. Hawaiian honeymoon anyone?

We love to eat. If eating was an Olympic sport, we'd both have gold medals.

We I love to eat cheesecake. Mr. Warbs and I agree on about 90% of things, but he just doesn't share my love for cheesecake. Yes, cheesecake is 10% of my life. Despite this, we are still going through with this marriage. Will it last? As long as there is chocolate mousse in the house I think we'll be fine! Let the wedding planning commence!

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