Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finding THE Dress

Good news everybody! I found my dress! And yes I do mean wedding dress! It is a beautiful, fitting and tear inducing dress that I would love to show here. However, Mr. Warbler reads my blog, so of course that can't happen. But, I do have a few pictures of the dresses that didn't make the cut. First, a warning...

Mother-in-Law Warbler and I made a trip to David's Bridal to look at dresses. Purely for scouting purposes. I'm never thrilled to try on clothes, I usually get hit with an attack of major body image woe. Since I didn't hit my target weight for the Summer, I was already feeling self-conscious about the idea of dress shopping. Let me tell you, I was terrified. Suddenly the wedding was REAL y'all. The day before bridesmaid Tata dropped in for a surprise visit from San Francisco. Even though she had another appointment, she offered to meet us at the store for some dress up fun. I am so glad she did!

Image via David's Bridal
The dress I wanted

I went into the store with the style number for the dress above. I fell in love with the organza layers throughout the dress. I had to try it on. MIL Warbler tried to get me to look at a few other dresses as well, but I had my mind set on this one. But in the end, mama knows best. That dress was not the one for me.


The dress just didn't flatter me at all as you can tell from my face. For one, it didn't even fit me. I needed one size bigger. My consultant couldn't find a bigger size, which basically put an end to that. Everyone got emotional because it was my first time in a wedding dress, but the consensus was a resounding NO. MIL Warbler had picked out a couple of other dresses for me to try on.

I did like the corset back

I liked these a lot better, but they were still pretty underwhelming. I was feeling pretty self-conscious when BM Tata stepped in. She pulled out a dress and said, "I know you probably won't like this, but I'm going to make you try it on anyway." She was right, I took one look at the puffy cupcake dress and grimaced. It was not my taste at all. Tulle? No, thank you! But I took it and the consultant back into the dressing room because at this point I was getting a little antsy. As soon as I stepped out of the dressing room, I felt like a bride. All eyes turned to me. Not just MIL Warbler and BM Tata, but EVERYONE. The other shoppers, brides and their families oohed and awed. Two random ladies came up to me and exclaimed "That is YOUR dress!" I felt like a celebrity!

I couldn't stop looking in the mirror. The dress was gorgeous! Unlike the other dresses this one fit me like a glove. The consultant said I wouldn't need any alterations because of my height (the one time being a giant has paid off!). She also said that the dress was brand new, as in she had just put it on the sales floor the night before. I was the first bride to ever try it on. I knew Mr. Warbs would like that aspect, he's into shiny new things. Best of all, the designer was Oleg Cassini, the same designer I fell in love with before I even got engaged! Swoon. As luck would have it, David's Bridal was having a sale that weekend and select designers, MY designer, were on sale. $250 off! Thus, I began to covet the dress.

We stowed the dress in my dressing room and I tried on two more dresses. At this point though, there was already a clear winner. I don't even think we took pictures of the other two, because I don't have any on my camera. At the end I tried the Oleg Cassini dress back on. I wasn't planning on buying anything that day, it was supposed to be a scouting trip. I told the consultant that I was going to sleep on it and maybe come back the next day since that's when the sale ended. She told me that another bride had eyed me in the dress and wanted to try it on when I was done. I looked at the bride who was roughly my size and was seriously eyeing my dress. I don't know if the consultant was just trying to make a sale, but that bride was not getting my dress. I decided to buy it and everyone cheered. And BM Tata smiled smugly. So, I have my dress! I'm dying to show it off, eight months suddenly seems so far away!


  1. Yay!!! You have a dress!!! I have pictures of me trying on each of the dresses you have in this post too! haha- I love DB! So affordable! :) I'm very happy for you!


  3. mel, i seriously cried and laughed reading this.


  4. @Heidi, That's so funny that we tried on the same dresses! Which dress did you end up getting?

    @Laura, I'll send you some pics!

    @tb, thanks again love for coming and making me try on the cupcake dress. I'm seriously getting excited now!