Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Save the Dates Reveal

Our STDs. Sorry about the blurring!

Tada! Here are our finished Save the Dates! When I alluded to my love for Penguins Books and desire to use them for a large part in my wedding, I originally thought about postcards. I wanted to use the Penguin Books postcards because they all had different designs for each book. I thought it would be cool and tie into our book theme. My bride brain thought it would be totally doable to personalize 50 different Penguin Books postcards, with different designs, without going insane. Well, I soon realized that wasn't going to happen. So I basically decided to just create a simple replica of the classic book covers that wouldn't be a hassle to reproduce. Once the design was finished, we printed them out via Costco, (super cheap!) and MOH J5 came up with the brilliant idea to stick them on to magnets.


I bought a pack of 50 4x6 magnets from Amazon for $35. They had better deals, but they were for bulk orders of 75 magnets and up. I will probably never use that amount of magnets in my life, so I opted for the 50 pack. When the magnets arrived, I noticed when lined up with the save-the-dates they were a bit bigger. Ahhh! After ruling out using a paper cutter or having them cut professionally, Mr. Warbs and MOH J5 talked me into just cutting them with scissors. J5 tried one and it came out fine. So we began our STD assembly line.
MOH J5 carefully stuck the magnets on

Mr. Warbs and I cut the excess magnet edges

I don't know what's going on with my hair.

The finished result!

Mr. Warbs' cute face...

and his "confident guy" face

MOH J5's handiwork

Even though these babies are finished...I still haven't sent them out. Don't worry I'm not being a lazy bride. I'm waiting on the business cards I ordered from Vistaprint with all of our contact info (including our wedding website) to include in the envelopes. Since they won't arrive until Friday, I'm going to sit in agony for a few more days. But, I am definitely happy to check these off of my list!

All photos are personal