Thursday, January 5, 2012

100 Day Stretch

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Today officially marks 100 days until our wedding. Where did the time go? Even though we've been engaged for 13 months now, there's a panicky part of me that needs more time. But, thanks to our type A careful planning, everything is pretty much done! Mr. Warbs and I did a little dance when we got to the back page of our wedding planning checklist. We're in the home stretch, Hive! Just a few more big things to conquer and then all that's left is the little details that keep me up at night. Pssh, no big deal.

A few more big things to share first before we get into the nitty gritty:

1. Our wine box! The bane of my existence, the center of our ceremony, this thing kicked our asses.

2. Invitations. Almost done with these. We're planning on mailing them out a bit earlier than usual just because we're antsy like that.

3. Favors. I've flip flopped on these for a while. I just have some really good ideas, but no follow through. As is my nature. I'll work it out though. Just hope our guests are happy!

While my anxiety has slowly been building up approaching the 100 day mark, Mr. Warbs has remained as excited as he was the night he proposed. Every time someone mentions that we don't have much time anymore, my response is "I know! I'm freaking out! Ahh!" His response is usually "I know and I can't wait. The day can't come soon enough." Oh, Mr. Warbs, you've been trained well. Just know that even though I'm panicky about this wedding, I'm more than sure that I want to spend the rest of our lives together. Watching James Bond movies before bed, leaving funny quotes to each other on the door and kicking your ass at Monopoly Deal. Yeah, I said it. Married life, here we come!

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