Thursday, January 26, 2012

Get With the Program

Mr. Warbs and I never planned on making programs for our ceremony. Since our ceremony will be super short we thought it might be pointless. Then I thought we should probably write up a little blurb about our wine box. And I also wanted to honor our loves ones who had passed. I wasn't interested in traditional programs: sheets of paper, fans and the like. Those are fine and dandy, but if we're going to do programs, I want something our guests can have fun with. That's when I found Pinterest.

Pinning all the live long day!
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After this life changing event and hours of wasted time at work, I didn't want them anymore, I needed programs. Why? Because, I had to justify all those damn pins. And I found a couple of really creative ones!

Paper bag programs to hold poms. Genius.
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I like these programs because they serve a dual purpose. Guests can check out your craftiness and ceremony info before the whole shebang. Then after the ceremony, they can open up their bags and shower you with it's contents, whether it be poms, rose petals or slices of cheesecake. I personally prefer the last one. Obviously.

The reality of me making these happen? Pretty slim. I don't want to pay to have them done and I'd probably screw up my printer trying it myself. Has anyone tackled these before? I'd love to hear how you made them!

On the other hand, I could definitely make these happen:

Cootie Catcher programs! Hello, fifth grade!

Cootie Catchers, or Fortune Tellers, have a special place in my child like heart. I remember making these all the time in school. Pick a color, pick a number and then your fortune is revealed. I always ended up with something like "You're going to fall in mud today" or "Jacques Brown likes you". I read both of those as more of a threat than a fortune. These wedding cootie catchers can be used as programs for the ceremony, a menu for the reception or just for "fun facts" about the couple. The thought of our guests sitting around in formal wear playing with a Cootie Catcher makes me crack up. And for that reason, I must have them!

I even made a Cootie Catcher for Mr. Warbs' 31st birthday. Instead of fortunes, I wrote in activities like "eat cake" and "night picnic". That was the first birthday we celebrated together so Cootie Catchers hold a special meaning for us. The best part is that there are templates online that make it really easy to do these yourself. An easy DIY project? I'm in!

Are you making out of the box wedding programs or staying traditional?

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  1. we stayed traditional..these are awesome ideas, good luck..can't wait to see what you come up with!