Friday, January 6, 2012

Love Letter and Wine Box pt 1

Remember how I talked about using a wine box for our ceremony and then promptly never mentioned the subject again? Yeah, I've been a bad bride. We bought an unfinished wine box with the intention of staining it and wood burning our names on it. Well, the box has been sitting in our apartment for months now, just begging to get all fancied up. Long story short? We lacked the motivation to get going on the thing. Every now and then I would get short bursts of motivation. One day I went out and bought a wood burning kit. Then something came up and I didn't think of the box again for two months. Another time I bought foam inserts and a X-acto knife...and the box sat for months. You get the idea. A few weeks ago, I set aside a specific day to tackle this project. I was tired of looking at the unfinished box with all of the tools stacked on top of it. So I grabbed the wood burner and practice wood and went to work. Yeah, it turns out wood burning is a much harder skill than I thought.


I did a horrible job. I called MOH J5 to try his hand at it and he gave up too. He did better than I did though, the cursive names are all his doing. The weird boxy names and "die" were my attempts. All we could do was laugh, it was so bad! We showed our sad attempt to BM Tata via Skype and after she stopped laughing at us, she said that her dad does wood burning projects all the time and could do ours. Um, yes please! We wanted to keep it simple, so I just asked for our name and the wedding date. What we ended up getting was way more than simple, it was fantastic!

Hot damn!

He did an amazing job and put so much more detail into it than I could have ever done.  Seriously, how cute is that heart?! After seeing how poor my practice attempt went, I'm pretty sure I would have destroyed our wine box. And I thought wood burning was going to be the fun part of the project. Silly Warbler. Next up: wood staining and foam inserts galore. 

Did anyone else have a hard time starting DIY projects?

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  1. too funny! But the heart one turned out really well!