Monday, January 16, 2012

They. Are. Out!

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Guess what, Hive? Our lovely invites are done and mailed out! After months of designing, redesigning, agonizing over wording and dumb spelling errors we are done! Celebratory dance break! We sent these babies out last week and have already gotten a couple of RSVPs back. Thanks, Auntie Cookie and Warbler In-laws! When we get a few more back, I'll share all of the details. For now I leave you with our golden envelopes. I love these envelopes so much that Mr. Warbs and I drove to two different stores to find them. That's two different stores that were about 50 miles apart. While Mr. Warbs may not have been thrilled, I know I don't have to explain myself to you Hive. You know what bridal brain is all about.

Has anyone else completed their invites recently?


  1. I can completely sympathize with your pain! My invitations should be going out this week, but what an undertaking! We did fabric lined envelopes which just took forever. No joke, I started the invitation process 1 year ago!