Friday, November 11, 2011

Wedding Nightmares

Alternative title: Impending Doom

I had a pretty scary dream last night. Even scarier than my regular nightmares which are usually one of the following: I'm being chased in slow motion by Freddy Krueger from the movie Nightmare on Elm Street or I'm one of the people from the movie The Human Centipede. I've never even seen that last movie, but after hearing the plot described I began having recurring nightmares. If you've never seen it either, do yourself a favor. DO NOT look up the plot or photos online. You've been warned.

Last night's dream was about our wedding. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. In the dream we were all running around trying to get ready for the big event and all of our vendors were MIA. Our photographers, florist, make-up artist and hair stylist abandoned me. A bride's worst nightmare right? Well, that was just the tip of the iceberg. The dream got weirder. My MOH disappeared, and by disappeared I mean he vanished right before my eyes while I was talking to him. Mr. Warbs and I got separated by a huge shrub maze that materialized right in the middle of our venue. It took us forever to find each other again and when we did, I discovered that a handful of my teeth had fallen out. At that moment I looked down at my watch to see that we only had half an hour before the ceremony was supposed to start. No way was I walking down the aisle with no MOH, no flowers, no make-up and half my teeth missing!

Now, I've been known to have some strange dreams, but that freaked me out the most. I've had the teeth falling out dream enough times to know that it's supposed to mean I'm afraid/I feel like I'm losing control. I'm actually surprised that I haven't had this particular dream before. From day one I've been trying to control every aspect of the wedding. We're not having a band or DJ because I want to control the reception music. I fought pretty hard to control the food, but ultimately let Mr. Warbs handle that. There are tons of other decisions that I've made regarding the wedding that I labeled "creative projects", but now I've been wondering if I was just being  a control freak.

It's very hard for me to just let go and not worry about every little detail. The truth is, I can't control whether the photographer, florist or other vendors show up. I can't control whether or not my MOH suddenly disappears, other than setting up strategically placed cheesecakes around the venue to keep him reeled in. I'm going to have to accept that those are all possibilities. Sure, we can look for responsible vendors and research weather trends until we've gone cross eyed, but...things happen. In the grand scheme of things, your wedding day will probably not be the most important day of your life. It's a day of celebration, but those days after your wedding, also known as your marriage, will hopefully mean a lot more.

Are you having trouble giving up control in your wedding?

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