Thursday, November 17, 2011

Favor Indecision

When it comes to wedding favors, Mr. Warbs and I come from different camps. I think that it's nice to give our guests something to remember our wedding by. He thinks that favors are unnecessary because nobody ever keeps those things and we can put the money towards something else. I do agree that most favors are disposable and probably do get thrown out. I've only been to a few weddings and I definitely didn't keep the favors. Hell, I don't even remember what the favors were. Mints? Candy? Beats me.

So, if we're going to give our favors, we want them to be something that our guests can keep for a long time. And since we're having a loose bookish theme, it would be great if the favors could have a literary theme. I thought bookmarks would be cool. Cheap, compact and they're even in our wedding colors. Win!

Image via Hot Ref

But, as much as I love bookmarks, they do tend to get lost easily. Or maybe that's just me? Let's just say I found an old bookmark I got three years ago in one of my young adult books. Google led me to some other pretty awesome ideas of couples giving books as wedding favors. 

The couple gave a copy of their favorite book to guests.
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I even found a link to my old boss' blog! 

Each guest got to pick their own book. 

Books as favors that also served as place cards. Genius.
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How awesome is this?
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I think books would make for some pretty awesome favors. My mind is already running through which books to pick for each guest. But, if we end up going this route it could get pretty expensive. As much as I love this idea, Mr. Warbs brought up a good point. The money could be used somewhere else. I do have some other ideas that I'm still tinkering around with (cheesecake anyone?), but for now I'm stuck on books. 

What are your using as your wedding favors?


  1. What a cool idea! THough I would think that would be pretty expensive with a big wedding. We are doing hot cocoa favors (our wedding is in January) because we figure everyone probably likes hot cocoa!

  2. Mmmm hot chocolate sounds good right now!