Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kate Spade is a Temptress

Alternative title: How I Ended Up With Two Wedding Shoes

Like pretty much any woman who has ever existed, I love shoes. Heels, sandals and fancy sporty shoes. Designer shoes to Payless shoes, I love them all. Lately, I spend most of my time online looking at shoes that I can't afford. Or you know, couldn't possibly walk in.

I would break all sorts of body parts in these babies.
Christian Louboutin "ballerina" heels / Image via

A couple of weeks ago, my favorite shoe site, Kate Spade hosted a "Friends & Family" sale. 30% off EVERYTHING in stores and online. I think I literally squealed in my chair. Mr. Warbs looked kind of worried. A Kate Spade shoe sale meant that I could now possibly afford to buy the shoes I'd been coveting for months:

Kate Spade's Charm, in all of it's glittery awesomeness
Screen cap image via

Even at 30% off, they were still pretty expensive. I started to feel guilty, especially considering we still had a ton of wedding stuff to pay for. And of course, I already have wedding shoes! What was I thinking? As I was talking myself out of it, Mr. Warbs took the decision out of my hands! He booted up his computer, searched for the sale and promptly bought them. The following Friday they arrived and I swooned. Other than getting glitter everywhere, they're amazing shoes.

So now, I have two completely different pairs of shoes for the wedding. The Stuart Weitzman Turalus are amazing and really suit my dress. But a part of me always had doubts from the beginning that they weren't "the ones". The Kate Spade Charm shoes don't really suit my dress or theme of the wedding (our colors are red and gold), but how can I not rock Kate Spade shoes on my wedding day? I know I can wear both, but I don't want the hassle of changing shoes in the middle of the wedding. I know, I'm crazy. No one should be this conflicted about shoes. So, how about you vote on my poll and make my life shoe decisions for me?

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Which Shoe Should I Choose?

A) Wear the Charms!
B) Wear the Turalus!
C) Wear both!

Help me out here, Hive!


  1. GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think you should wear those Louboutins! You might be Mr. Warbler's height with those suckers on. HAHAHA

    I love the charms! The more you can incorporate some (tasteful) glitz and glam... the better!
    I think they would match well with j5's glitter suit, too. :)

    But the Turalus shoes are darling. Very classy. Which pair was easier to walk in?

    Go with both! Maybe you can wear the Turalus at the Ceremony and bust out the Charms for the reception.