Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Remember the frustration I felt shopping with my mom for her dress? Well, it was all for naught because she found her dress! Without me. I guess shopping with me put too much pressure on her shoulders. Sometimes it's better to just step back and trust the woman who brought you into this world. I received an excited phone call from her over the weekend. Not only did she find her dress, she also found dresses for my Special Ops Flower Girls (shhh we're working on something). Sweet. Now that all of my ladies have their dresses, it's the guys turn! Good luck Mr. Warbs!

I have no idea which store she purchased these dresses from. When I asked she could only say, "Um...it was a store next to Target." Only my mother. Here are the dresses! Sorry about the photo quality.

Flower Girl Apple, Mama Warbs and Flower Girl Lala

Mama Warbs dancing around in her pretty dress

If you can't tell Mama Warbs' dress is burgundy with a black overlay. She got her short hemline too. Sassy. I'm happy with all of the dresses. I was slightly worried about the pink dresses at first, but the girls are so young I think they can pull it off. To be completely honest, I'm at the point right now where the less decisions I have to make the better. Seriously. Wedding planning has taken it's toll on me. Five more months!

 Flower Girl Lala tried alternative dress styles. She was denied.

How involved were you in picking your attendants' dresses? Were you peeved or happy if the decision was taken out of your hands?

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