Monday, November 7, 2011

The Other Mama

I detailed here my experience shopping with my mom for her dress. We bickered, laughed and gave each other headaches. And in the end we left empty handed. Well, this time it's time to talk about the other mama: my future mother-in-law. While out with her sister, she found a dress she liked at David's Bridal. I got an excited phone call about it and told her if she liked it to just go ahead and buy it. She said the color was a nice burgundy, the dress was knee length, had  a jacket and was perfect. In my head I was thinking "Yay! One less thing I have to make a decision on!" But she would not buy it without showing it to me first. So we made plans to go see the dress together the next day. I figured we'd see it, I'd give my stamp of approval and she would buy it. Simple right? Well, the next morning she called me and said she was worried that the color was too dark of purple. She said it was almost black actually. Wait, wasn't the dress supposed to be burgundy? And didn't she love it less than 12 hours ago?

Turns out that both of my mamas are indecisive. And my MIL in particular doesn't see colors too well. Yup, she's legally color blind. A little detail no one had mentioned to me before. Whoops! When we got to David's Bridal I was very relieved to see that the dress was just fine. Did I care that it was purple and not burgundy? I honestly did not, I was just happy she was happy with it. In my opinion, she created my future husband so she can do whatever she wants. Even after I gave my blessing, MIL Warbs still wasn't sure about the color. After going back and forth for almost an hour, I finally had her try it on. It fit her perfectly and she decided to buy it. Hallelujah! One down, one to go!

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Did you help your MIL pick out her dress?

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