Monday, November 12, 2012

Married Melodies: We Rehearse

The morning of our rehearsal I woke up to the sound of a bride's worst fear: rain. The week of our wedding, it rained nearly every day. Heavy rain. The forecast showed a slight chance of rain on the days of our rehearsal and wedding, so I went to bed Thursday night confident that the weather would cut us a break. But literally the second I woke up, I was filled with dread. I just knew our wedding would get rained out.

The weather was so intense that we were forced to hold the rehearsal indoors because the grounds were flooded. The rain didn't look like it was letting up any time soon. As you can imagine I was freaking out.

Ha, look at our faces!

Sadly, that was the only salvage photo from the rehearsal. At one point we decided to line up outside when the rain was a bit lighter, but we ended up rained out almost as soon as we started. Eventually, we got all of the logistics down and headed back to get ready for the best part of the day: dinner!

MOH J5 is just waiting to dive into that pizza.

By the time the rehearsal dinner rolled around, the rain had stopped. And (spoiler alert) it didn't start again. Bridal freak out averted! We celebrated by stuffing our faces with delicious pizza and pasta from Buca di Beppo. We feasted, we drank..

Annnnd Mr. Warbs and I were drunkenly out of sync.


Happily thanking our family and friends.

After the dinner, one of our guests surprised us by taking care of the bill. Our waitress brought us a note from the generous person that simply said "congratulations". We definitely were not expecting that. We still don't know to this day who paid and I am still moved by their generosity. Little did we know we were in for more surprises!

When Mr. Warbs and I got back to our hotel room, everyone from the rehearsal dinner was waiting for us. BM Tata had a gift for us...a slideshow!

Let me tell you, that girl is resourceful! I had never even seen some of those photos she threw in there (stalker). Again, it was kind of overwhelming seeing all the love everyone was throwing our way. Weddings are great that way, in that you feel the love from all sides, not just from your partner. You just feel happy. Like Santa Claus. On Prozac. At Disneyland. Getting laid. Ten points for the reference!

After the slideshow we toasted with more wine and champagne. Mr. Warbs and his family turned in for the night (aka went in search of hard liquor) so I decided to give the bridal party their gifts.

The ladies received bracelets.

BM Tata's mama made them. She's so crafty.

 MOH J5's gift was a little less conventional...

Back in February, I shared the details of MOH J5's awesome RSVP in which he confirmed his attendance in the grandest of fashions. He also included his list of demands and a reader commented that it would make a great gift. One demand was for four hundred and twenty six Reese's peanut butter cups. Be careful what you wish for, MOH J5!

Not pictured: cheesecake scented Post-it notes, a pint of water from the dead sea and an invisibility cloak. Oh, excuse me the cloak is pictured, my mistake.

After a few more hours of laughter, reminiscing, drinks and vow writing (totally waited until the last minute), it was time for me to get some much needed beauty sleep. Big things were ahead!

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