Monday, November 19, 2012

Married Melodies: First Look

After my bridal party finished getting ready and Mr. Warbs' crew finished lacing up their Chuck Taylors, we all headed to the venue. The bridal party rode in a shuttle provided by the hotel and Mr. Warbs and his groomsmen piled into his dad's car. During the short drive, two things happened simultaneously in both vehicles.

We both freaked the f#*@ out.

As we rounded a curve climbing up into the hill, I yelled "OH MY GOD! I forgot the marriage license!" The license had been left behind in the hotel room. I guess I freaked everyone out, including the driver who hit the brakes for dramatic effect. 

A little ways down the road behind us, Mr. Warbs said, "Sh@#, I forgot my vows!" His dad said, "Well, we're not going back, we're already running late. So you better start writing!" Ha!

After I finished kicking myself, I asked the bridal party which one of our friends was still at the hotel. We were able to get ahold of two of our friends who talked the hotel into letting them into my room to grab the license and meet us at the venue. Thanks for saving the day, Jazzy and Jo!

Meanwhile, Mr. Warbs frantically rewrote his vows on his cell phone. When he finally arrived at the venue, he e-mailed the vows to our coordinator who printed them out for him. How freaking crazy is it that we both forgot something major on the day of our wedding? Crisis averted, but we were both feeling pretty frazzled heading into our first look. Especially me.

The Warblers: somewhere between a married couple and big losers.

When we were both finally ready, our photographers set us up for the big reveal. As I headed over to where Mr. Warbs' was waiting a million thoughts were running through my head. Would he like my dress? Should I tell him about the marriage license snafu now or later? OMG, what if I cried? But as soon as I was able to see his back, just his back, all of my questions melted away. 

I understand why most couples choose not to do a first look, I really do. But in that moment when Mr. Warbs turned around and looked at me for the first time as his bride, I was so happy that we had decided to do it. Earlier I had been a nervous wreck, but as soon as I saw my future husband, I started to calm down. For three years, he had always been able to make me feel better whether I was nervous, sad, sick or unsure of myself. He had always been there for me because he was my rock. With him by my side, I knew the rest of the day would be a piece of cake.

We both confessed our blunders, laughed about it, and that was that. What can I say? We're more alike that I thought! I didn't feel nervous anymore, I was just ready to get married. Before we knew it, it was time for our pre-wedding portraits!

Tell me Hive, did you forget something big on your wedding day?

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All photos by Nataly Lemus Photography

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