Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Harebrained Ideas

While planning our wedding, I came up with some pretty good ideas and some um not so good ideas. Harebrained ideas. Or as Mama Warbler likes to call them, Lucy-you've-got-some-splaining-to do ideas. Yes, I STILL love Lucy!

First of all, you should know that the Warblers don't sing or dance.

OK, these Warblers do. Heeeey Blaine.
Image via Glee Wikia

I'm talking about Mr. Warbs and myself of course. With the exception of bad karaoke and singing in the shower we are not musically gifted. Especially Mr. Warbs. Which is why when I started brainstorming ideas for our first dance, he sort of squirmed a bit in his seat. When I suggested that we take ballroom dance lessons I could see the panic start to form in his eyes. It would have been funny actually if I hadn't been completely serious. I wanted to impress all of guests with fancy dancing skills. I wanted our first dance to be awesome, kind of like Barney and Robin's dance on How I Met Your Mother.

Coolest dance ever!
Video via Youtube

Sadly, the Warblers lack Barney and Robin's mad skills and confidence. I could just imagine Mr. Warbs turning beet red and the unnatural look on my face as I struggled to perfect each move. Not cute and not us. As painfully awkward as we are on the dance floor, we're likely more suited to the 8th grade dance sway than a carefully choreographed number. Nothing wrong with the 8th grade sway!

I had another idea to perform a special song for Mr. Warbs. This was probably the most ridiculous idea I've had so far since I can't sing, dance or play an instrument. I got this grand idea in my head that I would strap on a guitar and perform Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros accompanied by my bridal party and the USC marching band. Wow, that was really embarrassing to write. Shh, don't tell anyone.

I went out and secretly bought a guitar. I had a couple of lessons. I even contacted the damn marching band. Hive, I gave up after three weeks because I couldn't learn all the chords. And I can't even whistle. Fail. However, this couple was pretty good!

They're so cute!
Video via Youtube

It's fun to pretend that we're cooler than we actually are. But the reality is we're painfully shy and terribly uncoordinated. Even though it would be awesome to do these things, I'll probably just want to relax and not worry about screwing up. What were some of your harebrained ideas?

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  1. Haha I hear ya on this one. I was a music major in college..but it's been 5 years since I've performed anyyywhere. I thought perhaps I would play and sing a song at the wedding..but I knew with my nerves in general for that day, added to my nerves for performing the first time in 5 years..I would probably pass out, and it was just best to focus on the stressful task at hand of actually getting married.

    You had some great ideas..but you'll be putting on enough of a show for your guests that day, there's no need to add extra unnecessary stress to your day, and no one would certainly expect that of you.