Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Most Epic RSVP There Ever Was

At this point in the wedding planning process, most people are wrangling in their RSVPs. But an amazing thing has happened to us, nearly all of our guests have mailed their RSVPs in! And we're still a week away from our "respond by" date. Not too shabby, Warbler guests.

By far, our favorite response came from Man of Honor J5. Along with his RSVP card, he sent in a hilarious letter written in Old English which declared his intent to attend the wedding. He stained the letter in coffee and burned the edges to give it an ancient look. Proof, that you can put to use what you learned in elementary school.

Mr. Warbs and I spent a good fifteen minutes reading, laughing and rereading the letter. I seriously had uncontrollable cry-laughter at the pure randomness of it. I knew he was planning on doing something crazy, but I was not expecting all that. Most people don't get our humor, so I understand if you don't find it funny Hive. Don't worry, I won't hold it against you.

An excerpt reads: "I do beseech thee to save on my behalf the following: the largest of breasts of the smallest of poultries, the mignonest filet of the magnitudinous calf and the searest of salmons of the saltiest of fresh water oceans. With due regard, if time and intestinal space permit, I do also request the most formidable slice of baked artistries and velvety reds."

I enjoyed opening every single one of our RSVPs, but the fact that MOH J5 put the extra time and effort into his was freaking awesome. I have the best MOH ever. Seriously. He will beat yours in any food contest, GUARANTEED.

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The second part of the letter was a list of his "humble requests". I leave you with a few of my favorites:

-Seventy three scented post-it-notes

-Ninety-six unsharpenable pencils

-A partridge in a fig tree

-A silk scarf imported from the northern tip of South Korea

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