Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Not that kind of role-playing my fellow creepers. Budget role-playing.

Mr. Warbler and I are lazy by nature. So it's no surprise that we've never really sat down and made an official budget. I found a sample budget in a wedding planning book and adjusted it accordingly to what I thought we should spend on vendors and Mr. Warbler basically said, "That sounds good."

The one thing we did agree on was that we didn't want to start our marriage off in debt and that we would try to stick to the budget as closely as possible. For a while we were doing pretty well, I would fall in love with something we couldn't afford and Mr. Warbs would gently remind me of the budget. We had a nice good cop/bad cop situation working for us.

Then something began to change. Mr. Warbs started giving in. Out of nowhere we switched roles. "Remember the budget" turned into "Well, we're only getting married once." And instead of reminding him of the budget I said, "OK!". We had never really considered a videographer before, but after I fell in love with my boss's wedding video I felt like we had to have one too. But, the videographer was too expensive so I was ready to let it go. Mr. Warbs' "We're only getting married once" mantra kicked in and he decided there was no reason we couldn't up the budget a bit to include the videographer, a photo booth and a string quartet.

Non & Jessica's beautiful wedding trailer
(Source) Videography by Lighthouse Studios

To make matters worse Mr. Warbs decided our wedding video HAD to be on blu-ray. Freaking blu-ray. It was at that moment that I knew we had a problem. As much as I would love a video to remember the day, I think we'll just have to make due with photos. Even though I want a video. Badly. Very badly.

Sigh. Remember the budget. Is anyone else having a hard time sticking to the budget?


  1. Hello from WeddingBee!

    A videographer is one of my wish list items as well, but again - sooo expensive.
    Good luck trying to work out the quirks in the budget!

  2. Hi from weddingbee!

    I wrote last week on my blog about They do a service called My Flip Wedding where you rent flip cams from them for the weekend..have your friends, guests and you film parts of the wedding, send it back to them and they'll make a 20-30 minute wedding video. It's a great affordable option.

    I'd love to add you to my Blogging Brides you have a wedding date yet?

  3. Yes! April 14th 2012. I still have quite a ways to go :)

    A flip wedding sounds like a fun idea! Do you know anyone who has used them?