Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wedding Scouting

In our fifteen month engagement, I've only gone to two weddings. The first wedding was at the beginning of our engagement and the second was fittingly near the end. At the first wedding, I was all about having fun. I ended up being a part time bartender that night, but that's a story for another post! A few weeks ago I attended a friend's wedding, and I was all business. I planned on nit picking and judging everything, Four Weddings style. Except, not as bitchy.

Image via Satellite Now

I wanted to see how my impending wedding measured up to my friend's. After fifteen months of planning, I was still pretty clueless about the flow of a wedding. Even though I set out to take mental snap shots of everything, by the end of the night the only impression I was left with was the couple's love for each other. I did think the order of events was a little odd, but it didn't really matter. Everyone still had a great time and really, we couldn't take our eyes off the adorable couple! 

Seriously, look how adorable they are!
Photo by MOH J5

They've been together since high school, a span of time years. I couldn't imagine them with anyone else. And I hope that even if everything doesn't go as planned for our wedding, our guests will feel the same way. Has anyone else set out to do a little wedding scouting?

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