Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Year Engageaversary

Exactly one year ago today, Mr. Warbs got down on one knee in our bathroom and scared the crap out of me. I know that's not a very eloquent sentence, but that's what happened! Since then the weeks and months have seriously flown by like nothing. Here we are a year later and it all still feels so new. Sure, I'm not the clueless bride who clung religiously to bridal magazines anymore, but I'm far from being a pro. I still have trouble getting used to saying "fiance" and occasionally will call Mr. Warbs my boyfriend. Whoops! Trust me, I get the super awkward look every time.

There have been a few changes though. We've become closer to each others respective families. My sisters and my mom have always loved Mr. Warbs, but it's even more amazing that my nieces and cousins love him as well. If I go to a family function or dinner without him, they genuinely miss him. And since I know my family, I know they're not just being polite. On the flip side, I simply adore his parents. They are the sweetest couple I've ever met. I can tell that Mr. Warbs' definitely gets his caring and respectfulness from his dad. I've never seen a man more devoted to his wife's every need. My future looks good on that front! My MIL is also a true gem. From the beginning of our relationship, she treated me like her daughter and has been very protective of me. When a car mechanic tried to screw me over on a deal, she yelled "No one is gonna [expletive] with my daughter!" Yeah, I hope to never get on her bad side.

We've grown stronger as a couple which seems impossible when you're planning a time consuming, stressful wedding. But it's true, we've fallen into our own little groove. This year has felt more intimate and loving than the one before it. All the little things that used to drive me crazy, I just shrug off now. Like Miss Mole mentioned in her super awesome post, all those little things are just the price of admission. It drives me crazy that Mr. Warbs uses 2 or 3 water glasses at a time, but it's worth having him in my life. We've seriously gone to new and disturbing lengths to make each other laugh this past year and I've loved every second of it. It's hard to believe that we could actually get any closer.

How has your engagement changed your relationship?

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