Friday, October 14, 2011

Video Killed the Photo Booth

The most random shirt ever. Please don't buy this. / Image via

We've been flip flopping on the wedding lately. Mostly because I haven't been able to get the idea of a wedding video out of my mind. Everywhere I look, I see awesome wedding videos around the web and of course, from the Bees. Who doesn't want their wedding day immortalized with a sentimental indie song playing in the background? Mrs. Giraffe's awesome post about why you need a videographer finally convinced me. Good job, Mrs G! After drooling over a zillion wedding videos, Mr. Warbs finally saw that even though I was trying to hide it, I wanted a video. But first, we had to cut something else out. And that is how we dropped the photo booth from our wedding.

RIP photo booth idea. / Image via Brian Kelm Productions

Out of everything we want for the wedding, a photo booth came dead last. That's not to say we changed our minds, a photo booth would still rock the socks off of our wedding. We just want the video more. After the New Year, if the opportunity presents itself, maybe we can squeeze a photo booth in there somewhere. If not, that's fine too. For now, we are content with how super awesome our video is going to be.

What cuts did you make in the wedding planning process?

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