Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thank God for Chevron

...or whichever deity you like to give thanks to. I'm flexible.

Don't worry, this post isn't about gas prices! As I mentioned in my introductory post, Mr. Warbler won a "Create Your Dream Vacation" Sweepstakes through his job at Chevron. He simply entered the raffle and won a few weeks later. Out of seventy thousand employees! The prize included an airline gift card and a Marriott hotel gift card. Our options limited us to a few different airlines and Marriott hotels. We immediately decided to choose Hawaiian Airlines, because neither of us have been to Hawaii. This was a few months before he proposed, but Mr. Warbs was already planning our honeymoon out in his head! Now that we're six months out (thanks for the reminder, Mom) it's time to put those gift cards to use.

The airfare was simple enough. We decided to visit two islands: Oahu and the Maui. As long as we fly coach, our gift card will take care of all the airfare. Even though airfare wasn't as expensive as we originally thought it would be, this has been a HUGE help. I was afraid this was going to eat up the majority of our budget, so I am extremely happy we don't have to worry anymore.

Since our hotel gift card is exclusively for Marriott brand hotels, we decided to stay at a Marriott in Waikiki Beach since they were cheaper than the Marriotts in Maui. The hotel isn't right on the water, but with the money we saved we were able to upgrade to a suite. After the gift card, the difference ended up being $150. Not bad for a suite! We booked an ocean view condo in Maui near Wailea for under a thousand. No gift card this time though!

All together (activities excluded) we ended up spending around a thousand dollars for a 10 day vacation. With our tight budget, I honestly don't think we would have been able to have a honeymoon without those gift cards. So thank you Chevron for fronting the bill! And letting us get a slice of this:

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Yeah right!

Did you get a little help from the honeymoon fairies?


  1. wow! that is amazing and impressive...especially since Hawaii is such an expensive place and such a HUGE vacation: I'm so happy that you can have your dream honeymoon in the most romantic place on earth!

  2. And I'm hiding in your suitcase!!
    Or I'll pop up as a fish on your underwater adventure OR as the pig during your luau!!