Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Years and Counting

Happy New (Two) Years!

This past weekend Mr. Adventure and I celebrated our two year anniversary with lots of food and childish mockery as is our custom. We may be moving towards a very grown up stage in our lives, but we're still kids at heart!

We started off the day with brunch at the fancy smancy Reef Restaurant in Downtown LB. This was one of the places we considered holding the wedding at so I was glad to finally check out the place. We had a nice view of the harbor and Downtown. Not too shabby, Mr. Adventure.

The buffet had several different stations. Omelets and breakfast foods, Pasta, Mexican, Asian, seafood, hot entrees, sliders, a carving station and even a chocolate fountain! I had a little bit of everything except for the omelet and the slider station. I liked the Mexican station the best and Mr. Adventure kept going back for Belgian waffles.

The champagne never stopped flowing. Literally. It's a strange feeling being unbelievably stuffed and tipsy at the same time. It's usually one or the other for me. Actually we mixed with orange juice because Mr. Adventure doesn't like the taste of champagne too much. But he loves Mimosas!

After stuffing our gullets we decided to take a trip up to the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro. Coincidentally this is also one of the places I looked at (briefly) as a possible location for the wedding. At least for the ceremony. It's a beautiful location overlooking the ocean and has a nice little park nearby. It was super windy up there so we didn't stay long. The view did inspire us forward on our next adventure: "Practicing the Art of Pretension in the Pacific Palisades".

For movie fans, this is also the location where the gang met Red Foot in The Usual Suspects. Great movie!

"The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist." One of my favorite quotes ever!

We drove up the coast admiring the view and all of the super mansions when we saw an open house. Partly because we wanted to see the inside of a million dollar home, and partly because we wanted to act like snobs, we decided to stop in.

We tried to mirror our favorite a-holes.

"Two A-holes" SNL skit

The house we saw was swanky, but too small for our tastes so we ended up seeing a few more in the area. There were a ton of open houses that day, we saw a total of four but passed on a bunch. What can I say? Our tastes are discriminating.

 The best house we saw had a theatre, ridiculous walk-in closets in every bedroom and a wine cellar. It was a cool 4.4 million. Mr. Adventure was ready to pull out the checkbook, but I scoffed at anything over 4 mil.

I mean, the house didn't even a proper foyer.

OK, I'll stop being pretentious now.

All in all, it was a fun spontaneous day. We could have celebrated in a bigger way, but I honestly had fun just goofing around with my best friend.

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