Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So...Do You Have Your Dress?

Wedding dresses. I am nowhere near ready to talk about wedding dresses. I don't know if I want to have it tailor made or buy it in the store. I don't know what color I want, I don't even know if I want to wear a veil! But, as I'm making my way through every other aspect of the planning, it keeps coming up. Yesterday Mr. Warbs and I met with some potential photographers (We LOVED them, but that's a different post!) and the inevitable question came up: "So...do you have your dress yet?".

This is how I feel whenever people ask me that question:

In two days, it will officially be one year until my wedding. No one has their dress that early! Stop pressuring me!

I don't understand what the big deal is. Alright, that was a lie. The dress is important. But in my mind, it's still too early to be looking for dresses. I know, I'm getting a head start on everything else so why not the dress?

There are a ton of answers I could give to that question. I haven't lost enough weight yet. True, I'm aiming to lose at least 30 pounds before the big day. I'm not ready. Seriously, buying a dress makes everything so real! I don't even know what I want. Hmm, that one actually isn't true. I know exactly what kind of dress I want but I'm keeping it a secret from everyone including you Mr. Warbler!

I think the biggest reason why I don't want to get my dress yet is I don't want to ruin it. And I think I might ruin it because I could see myself doing this on a regular basis if I get it too early:

Seriously, how awesome does this look?

I know myself. If I get my dress too early, I'm going to want to try it on all the time. My reasoning will probably be "see if it still fits right". I'll wear it around the house to see how it looks compared to everyday things like my desk or my kitchen counter. I'll put it on to see how I need to maneuver it to go to the bathroom. I'll probably even practice eating in it to prevent spilling during the wedding. I'm that neurotic.

So for now I'm going to stick to my guns and stick a pin in dress shopping. I won't even go into a store until August. And I don't plan on purchasing my dress until maybe December. That may seem a little late, but if I want to prevent months of hanging out on the couch in my full wedding attire it's necessary.

Until then, here are a couple of dress styles I was considering.

Oleg Cassini CT203 available at David's Bridal

David Tutera by Faviana, Chelsea

Is anyone else putting off dress shopping?

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