Friday, April 22, 2011

Photographer Booked!

Yesterday, Mr. Adventure and I booked our last "Big Vendor" our photographer! Now we can relax and focus on the wedding party, invitations and -um YES-cake tastings!

Before I talk about the photographer we went with, I want to mention the ones that didn't make the cut.

Combined we met with a total of three photographers. The two that we didn't choose are Peace 4 Art Photography and Belle Studios. We thought both of these photographers were fine. Actually more than fine, they were both reasonably priced and had decent work to show us. In fact if we hadn't met with our last photographer we very likely would have chosen one of them. It was very important to Mr. Adventure and I that our photographer capture us without all of the frills and awkward photo ops. What do I mean? Let me run a quick Google search of awkward photos:

This one made me laugh so hard! Happy Easter everybody!

I get that this is supposed to look dramatic, but it looks like the groom is about to motor boat the bride. No way.

I can just hear my friends saying, "What a beautiful sunset! Too bad you guys ruined it with your awkwardness."


OK, I understand that certain people actually like photos like these. Sincerely like them. But, that is not my personality and certainly not Mr. Adventure's. We felt that the last photographer we saw understood us the best and feel comfortable that we will look fantastic but most importantly, we will still look like ourselves. So without further ado, we picked Nataly Lemus Photography!

Courtesy of Nataly Lemus Photography

Courtesy of Nataly Lemus Photography

Nataly came highly recommended from past brides that I've talked to. She works with her husband and they both will be shooting the wedding as well as our engagement shoot in August. I can't wait to see how they capture us. More to come on that later!

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