Friday, November 16, 2012

Married Melodies: Let's Hear It for the Boy

While I was anxiously getting ready, Mr. Warbs had a much more casual morning with his men. Since, I obviously wasn't around to hang out with the guys, I decided to let him speak to the Hive about his experience. Also, instead of writing a blog post, I get to eat a brownie!

Just kidding. I'm obviously going to eat MULTIPLE brownies.

Without further ado, here is Mr. Warbs' take on our wedding day!

Wedding day. Wow. Something you always dream of, but never expect to happen. It's such a intimidating thing to imagine and go through. You are spending your life with someone. No more leaving the toilet seat up. No more gaming all night. No more leaving clothes all over the house.....well lets not go that far, I'm still a guy after all!  

Mr. Warbs' two cousins.

Mr. Warbs' dad and best man.

So while I don't have my wife's gift for writing and storytelling, I will keep this brief, but hopefully insightful. The person who mattered the most to me was my father who just happened to be my best-man. He showed me what love is when I was young. He always took care of my mother and that left a impression on me. I only hope that I'm half the man he is and if I am, then Mrs. Warbler and myself will have an amazing marriage. 

Sneak peek of MOH J5 helping Mr. Warbs with his cufflinks before our first look.

I hope you all enjoy our photos. They didn't take many, I dress fast and to be honest having three people with cameras watching you is creepy and scary! That hasn't happened since I made that film with.....just kidding honey! Please don't hurt me!  

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this, and it was a pleasure to finally introduce myself to the Hive!

Mr.  Warbler

Catch Up!

All photos by Nataly Lemus

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