Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Biggest Lie

Seven months ago, I bought my wedding dress and didn't show you guys any photos because Mr. Warbs reads my blog religiously (like a good husband). It was really important to me to keep the dress a secret from him, and I'm not good at keeping secrets or lying. I can't even tell little white lies usually. I'm the worst because I either admit it right away or over complicate simple things. Whenever I tell a lie, it usually goes something like this:

Mr. Warbs: So, did you eat the lunch I made you?
Me: Um...yeah. I did.
Mr. Warbs: Did you like it?
Me: OK, I went to Curry House instead. I'm sorry.
Mr. Warbs: Why did you lie? And why did you admit it right away?
Me: I don't know. Sorry. I felt guilty. Sorry.
Mr. Warbs: It's OK. I knew you were lying. You're terrible at it.
Me: I know.

So after I bought my dress, I vowed to keep it a secret from Mr. Warbs until the wedding. The best thing I could think of was to keep the dress out of our apartment. However, the dress didn't need any alterations (because it was obviously perfect and meant to be) so I was able to leave David's Bridal with it. MIL Warbler offered to keep it at her house, but I was afraid that it would be the first place Mr. Warbs would look. And I kinda didn't want the dress out of my possession. I loved it so much!

That's when I came up with the kind of stupid-at-the-the-moment lie that I usually end up blowing. I decided to tell Mr. Warbs that the dress was still at the shop and really hide it in our apartment. And you guys, I pulled it off! After lunch, MIL Warbler and I snuck the dress upstairs and stuffed it in the back of my closet. I know that doesn't sound like a very secure place, but there's so much crap in our closet, I knew Mr. Warbs would never notice it. And he didn't. After a week, I told him that I picked up the dress and BM E was holding it for me. It was the only lie I think I've ever successfully kept up. Several times, I thought I had given myself away, but Mr. Warbs later said he had no idea. Woo hoo!

Looooonnng story short, here are the photos I couldn't show you from my first dress post. Introducing my tulle Oleg Cassini dress from David's bridal. Or as I affectionately call her, Olga.

 I loved my veil!

Me and the lady who found the dress, BM Tata!

Sneak peek of my walk down the aisle
Guest photo

Did you keep your dress a secret from your partner?

All photos are personal unless otherwise noted

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  1. I honestly want to show him my dress but HE doesn't want to see it until our wedding day. But he knows my dress is in the guest room closet.