Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Favors: Double Word & Triple Letter Score

When it came to our favors, I struggled with my nerdy choices. The problem was, I wanted to give favors that people would actually get use out of and not stuff away on a bookshelf or in a drawer never to be seen again. Somewhere along the inter webs, I came across the most amazing nerdy and semi-practical idea ever: Scrabble coasters.

I found a few tutorials online and wouldn't you know it, they looked pretty do-able. Perfect for small weddings like mine and even gifts. Sold! The best part is coming up with the words. If you're nerdy like me.

Image via

The last example could serve double duty as a favor and a place card. Even though we decided not to go this route, I still thought it was a blog worthy. Our favors will be similar to the first pic, with a little Warbler twist. What do you think of this idea? Has anyone tried to make them?

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