Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 Legit 2 Quit

Hive! Time is flying away from me. Two months to go! I've never been more excited for anything in my whole life (besides actually getting engaged)! I'm also nervous and trying really hard not to stress eat. Trying and failing.

We have officially rounded the corner to the aisle with our last big wedding purchase. Wedding rings! Glorious bands of monogamy. From the beginning of this whole wedding planning dealio, Mr. Warbs and I have been divided on the subject of rings. I always thought we would get matching bands with matching engravings, because that's what my parents did. But, Mr. Warbs was set on having a tungsten ring. I know, how trendy right?

Even though they do make tungsten rings for women, I didn't like the idea at all. They were a little to heavy for my taste so we abandoned the matching bands idea pretty quick. So instead I opted for the matching band to my engagement ring and we got Mr. Warbs' ring from Daniel's Jewelers. On sale  no less.

I was slightly heartbroken when the sales lady told us they couldn't engrave a tungsten ring. Because tungsten is apparently the John McClane of metals, it's indestructible. Phew, I finally squeezed a Die Hard reference in here! Here are our non-matchy rings:

Personal photos

So,we're not having matching rings or even matching engravings. This really made me feel sad, mostly because I was all jazzed up over how hilarious it would be to have "2 legit 2 quit" engraved on our bands. 50 points if you know where that's from! Hint: think TV show, not early '90s rapper. Mr. Warbs tried to convince me to at least get my ring engraved, but I didn't see the point anymore if we couldn't both have it done. Even though I was a little bummed, at that point I was just happy to be getting rings. I was all smiles when we modeled our rings for each other. I have to admit, the tungsten ring looks great on him! And of course, I love my sweet little band.

Did you get your wedding bands engraved?

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