Friday, May 20, 2011

Under Pressure

This past weekend Mr. Warbler and I took his parents on a Harbor Cruise around the Port of Long Beach. They're huge boat enthusiasts so we knew they'd have a good time. If you've never been on the cruise, it consists of a few landmarks, some sea lions but mostly container ships. For miles. At least that was my experience. I'm not complaining, but really how many times can you feign excitement when you see one of these?

What happened to the sea lions?
After the cruise (and probably to stir me from my boredom) we went to The Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner. Yay! Mr. Warbs' parents had never been there before and were excited for the change of scenery. I wanted cheesecake. Once we were seated though, Mother-in-Law Warbler revealed her secret identity as The Riddler. The wedding grilling portion of the day had begun.

I adore my in-laws. They're amazing selfless people who have showed high levels of compassion and concern for me. To accommodate for my weariness around animals, they make sure to keep their pets away when I come visit. Even though I'm sure they must think I'm a bit uppity, they welcome me with open arms anyway.

MIL Warbler began with asking when I was going dress shopping, a question she asks every time I see her. This led to the type of dress I wanted, wedding colors, bridesmaid dress colors, rehearsal dinner and bridal shower plans. All of my answers were vague "Um...I'm not sure yet." and "We're going to tackle that later." Even though the wedding is 11 months out, I felt like a slacker for not having concrete answers. I know MIL Warbler was just trying to help, but I ended up feeling like this:

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I didn't expect to feel this level of anxiety so soon. I understand Mama Warbler's interest in knowing EVERY detail of the wedding. But really I just wanted to take her hand and say "Shhh, shhh in due time. I promise I'm managing my time wisely." And I am. With so many things on my plate though, the added pressure from inquisitive helpers is weighing down on me.

Is anyone else feeling THE pressure?

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